The pros and cons of choosing metal sheds

When we talk about durability and the overall quality, wood and metal sheds mostly rule the game. The metal sheds in particular are much cheaper but they last pretty long. This makes them the best value for money option. But are there no downsides to choosing metal sheds? Like every other material, metal sheds have their share of good and bad as well.




Advantages of choosing metal sheds:



This is most definitely the first advantage you would get from a metal shed. Get one and it is sure to last for years to come. If you choose steel, these tend to be pretty light weight. This means that you can easily relocate them. But do not get fooled by the light weight. These are surprisingly durable as well. Their solid construction is indeed the first aspect that encourages people to choose IlikeSheds. Metal sheds do not suffer from wear and tear very easily. They do not get damaged easily either.


Ability to withstand temperature extremities


When you are choosing a shed for your backyard, you know that it is going to stand out there day and night. If you are living in a region of weather extremities, then metal sheds are the best options. Be it a harsh heat or the snow, these sheds can bear them all. They do not damage or distort under these weather extremities. As steel can be lightweight, reinforcements can be added to make it ready to withstand strong winds as well.


Easy assembly


There are ready to assemble metal shed kits available in the market. Metal sheds in general are known for the ease of assembly. The ready kits would come with all the required holes drilled and you would simply have to affix the screws. You can simply follow the assembly instructions and the get the shed up in no time.

Low maintenance


The steel sheets come with a galvanized layer that protects the life of the sheet. There would also be a corrosion-resistant layer included. This prevents the formation of rust and prevents the corrosion of the metal shed from water and rough weather.




These are much cheaper than similar size wooden sheds. You can also assemble them yourself thereby cutting down the assembly and installation charges as well. Also you can lay metal sheds without foundation if required. This further cuts down the cost. Besides the above mentioned advantages, metal sheds are pretty easy to find.

When you wish to give your shed a makeover, you simply have to add a new layer of paint. You would then have a shed looking as good as new. Metal sheds are also fire-proof options. This makes metal sheds ideal for using as your workshop.

A little amount of rust is prone to happen. You might purchase a metal shed that comes with protective anti-corrosion coating. But the coating might eventually wear off when it is subject to weather extremities. If you do not remember to reapply a protective layer then the sheets might be subjected to corrosion and rusting. This might damage the internal quality of the sheets and reduce the life.


The limitations of choosing metal sheds:



In terms of the looks the metal sheds are decent. But these might look a bit cheap in comparison with wooden sheds. Wooden sheds might give a rustic charm to your backyard while a metal shed would look plain. You could however add life to your metal shed by choosing a vibrant color as the outer layer paint.


These are not the best options in the regions where wind is the major issue. Steel sheets could be reinforced. But when you choose to place metal sheds without foundation, this further reduces the construction strength of the shed. A similar issue might also be observed in the heavily snowy regions. Too much snow on the metal sheets might cause warping of the sheets in the long run.


Installation of the metal sheds is pretty easy. But modifying them is a whole different story. Any modification of the metal sheds might call for a professional help. Choosing between a metal shed and a wooden shed is finally a matter of personal choices. It also depends on the purpose for which the shed is built.

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