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Indoor Gardening Vs Outdoor Gardening

One of the decisions you will have to make if you want to set up a garden is whether you want it indoors or outdoors. Both methods are good, and they also have pros and cons which you have to consider and measure before making the decision.

If you want to do the outdoor kind of gardening, you may find soil preparation and maintenance more difficult than the indoor gardener. As you repeat the planting, the nutrients in the soil get diminished. You will also find fertilizing and disease more challenging too. It may not also be easy to control large tracts that need pH balancing clogging clay materials. This is a problem that is never faced by the indoor gardener.

The indoor gardener also faces the problem of maintaining fertilizer levels, since there can be an easy over accumulation. Also achieving the equilibrium of draining away excess water and maintaining the needed moisture is a challenge to the indoor garden that requires much care. It is not also as easy to adjust the soil in indoor gardening unlike the soil outdoors. Also, plants find it more difficult when over moist, than when you leave it dehydrated.

In the outdoor garden, it is quite easy and affordable to set up an automatic watering system. The reverse is the case with indoor gardening. Achieving this with an indoor garden will be both costly and messy.

Outdoor gardens can have efficient and more natural lighting than indoor gardens. It is easy to provide your plants with five hours of sunlight every day, especially if you live in a favorable climate. For the indoor gardener, lighting is a serious challenge. Get ready to keep moving your plants around the house all day, if there is no spot in the house that can provide your plant with the lighting it needs.

But there is something good about the indoor lighting. Control. All the indoor gardener does when the sun gets too hot is to close the shades or blinds to prevent burning. There are also automated systems designed just for this purpose. Putting the plants near the windows helps to create a greenhouse effect, saving you the stress and finances of constructing an actual greenhouse.

It is easier to deal with diseases and pests with the indoor gardens. You will need more detailed checks and more chemicals to fight the diseases in the outdoor garden. Fungus growth is encouraged by the condensation on the leaves during the cool evenings.

Controlling weeds and pest using chemical or organic methods, involve the use of materials with very unpleasant odors that are not suitable for indoor use. Most insecticides work in a similar way. The Plant-based oils usable indoors also have bad odor and is more expensive than chemical sprays.

Growing outdoors also offer a better seedling when propagating with tree seeds. The seedlings will be less elongated and have shorter internodes and smaller leaves.

Whatever method you want to use for your garden, they all have their pros and cons. You have to consider your location and other factors (your ability to cope inclusive). If you love gardening, regardless of the challenges, you’ll sure enjoy it!