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Asian Trees

Let’s look at some of the most common Asian trees:

The Chinese Parasol Tree: This tree is named thus largely due to the shape and size of its leaves. The leaves of this tree are immense and can easily grow to over a foot in diameter. The branches and trunk of the Chinese parasol tree are smooth and striking green in color. Flowers appear at the apex of the tree. These trees are very commonly used for ornamental purposes in landscaping.

The Chinese Tallow: The Chinese tallow is also commonly known as the Gray Popcorn tree. This tree is a deciduous tree which sheds its leaves annually and is completely bare for some part of the year. The leaves are usually ovate in shape and they are bright on the upper side and pale on the underside. The seeds are waxy in nature and this wax is extracted to make vegetable oil. The nectar is also used as honey. Many other parts of the plant are toxic.

Teak: Teak trees which are common to central and southern India are amongst the most valuable timber trees in the world. The timber is durable and fire-resistant. It also resists insects like white ants and termites and is not prone to dry rot. It does not shrink and it provides a great finish.

Sandalwood: the enchanting fragrance of sandalwood is known worldwide. In fact, sandalwood has been one of the prime exports from Asian countries, especially India, for centuries. The fragrant nature of sandalwood trees make them very desirable in cosmetics, beauty products, candle making and aromatherapy.

Mango: The Mango fruit, considered the king of fruits in India, is popular the world over and is a basic ingredient in many exotic culinary dishes. But, apart from the fruit, the mango tree also provides very useful timber that can be put to a variety of uses. The timber is strong and stays in shape, but is not commonly used for furniture. Instead, it is popularly used for the production of sporting goods.

Mahogany: the Mahogany tree from the Asian regions is also very popular because of the very high quality timber provided by it. The timber has the advantage of being water resistant. It also takes a very good polish and is mostly used for making furniture and cabinets.

Banyan Tree: the Banyan tree has gained mythical proportions in Asian mythology. A large evergreen tree, it is the center of many cultural and social activities. The most characteristic feature of the banyan tree is the huge proliferation of aerial roots that descend from the large canopy. Its timber is also very strong and is put to a variety of uses.

Bamboo: Popular worldwide, bamboo is commonly grown in Asian countries. Bamboo can be used for various ornamental and functional purposes. Its pulp is very useful in making paper and its bark is very commonly used in making furniture. The furniture made from bamboo trees looks exotic and yet is extremely durable.

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