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There are various kinds of trees and it is almost impossible to name each and every one of it. It would be great to know that there is actually a so-called bean tree that you can find almost anywhere. The bean tree is very common among homeowners who just want to spend most of their time taking care of plants while earning at the same time.

The bean tree is a term that is used to refer to any kind of tree that has pods which look like beans or pods that have beans. One of the best examples of a bean tree is what they call as the Catalpa tree. This is also popularly known to many as the Indian bean tree. There are two kinds of Indian bean tree. One grows at the northern while the other is at the southern part of the United States. The Indian bean tree that grows at the northern part of United States has leaves that are shaped like a heart. It has white flowers and usually the pods are long and slender. On the other hand, the southern Catalpa tree is small than the other one. The flowers are colored in purple and this is actually one of the best trees that can be used for landscapes. Decades ago, the Native Americans used the leaves and the bark of the Catalpa tree to create medicines.

There is another example of a bean tree and that is what they call the Tonka Bean Tree. This is not very common at the northern part of America since it only grows at the southern region of the country where the weather is usually warm. The Tonka Bean tree has a pod-type fruit which is usually used in cooking in order to create a delectable flavor.

On the other hand, there is also the bean tree called Carob bean tree. But unlike the first few kinds of bean tree, this is something that almost everybody is familiar with. There are a lot of carob beans as well as other products made from the said tree that are already available in most food stores. As matter of fact, the products from carob beans are called by many as the “healthy person’s chocolate.” For the first few years of the carob bean tree, it will not bear fruits or any type of pod. But after fifteen years it will produce the pods that you need to create more carob bean products such as chocolate or coffee.

However, if you want to produce real chocolate from real chocolate trees there is also the Chocolate bean tree that you can plant. But this type of tree usually grows only at regions with warm climate including the Central America, South America, Asia, and Africa. The chocolate bean tree can actually grow as tall as fifty feet. But there are also chocolate bean trees that can grow as tall as 200 feet. Also known as the Cocoa bean tree, this particular plant needs a lot of shade so that the fruit or the pod will grow.

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